New face of Namkwang that considers humanity, environment, and future

This CI signifies Namkwang’s vision and willpower to implement management philosophy of open management, knowledge management, harmony and unity; and to achieve a new growth based on the management philosophy that considers humanity, environment, and the future foremos.

Symbol logo


The corporate mark of Namkwang Engineering, which has lived through the construction history of Korea, forms a soft square based on the initial N. This expresses the stability as a construction company and environment-friendly and intimate company image; this is an attempt to escape from the conservative and stiff image held by existing construction companies to reflect endless strength and client-oriented company culture to become a flexible company. The initial ‘N’ takes a form of a towering mountain, showing the second leap of Namkwang to become a super blue chip company.








Namkwang Blue


Namkwang Yellow


Namkwang Light blue


Namkwang Glay

Dark Blue, the corporate color, holds the status of a company that is adventurous and trustworthy; “Namkwang Engineering’s B TO B system”, which communicates and harmonizes with the client, is symbolized through the harmonious color arrangement around it. It holds the strong intention that Namkwang will create an advanced and novel housing environment as a faultless construction company.